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Wenn ich den Duck ride noch mal mache muss ich betrunken sein XD

Wow, was super Bilder, Fricky! smile
Und du siehst total glücklich aus!!!!!!! Ich freue mich riesig für dich!!!! smile smile

Ich zeige das auch Leute die kein Deutsch sprechen weil ich auch an Chats aktiv bin wo nur englisch gesprochen wird. Ich habe viele Anfragen bekommen wie es war und deswegen habe ich den Webspace genutzt und quasi temporär hier unten einen Bericht geschrieben damit ich nicht immer alles von vorne erzählen muss.

Danke für die supertollen Fotos/Videos.
Aber, warum hast Du nicht in Deutsch geschrieben ? Blink

I actually found a vid about the duck ride which gives you an Idea of what we went through großes Grinsen

Fricky My trip to Seattle

I'm gonna try to get the entire trip together now..So here we go...

So my day started at 5 am more because I couldn't sleep anymore than for another reason.
I assumed it could not be wrong to get to the airport early enough and so i caught the 6 am bus and 6:20 am train to Duesseldorf trainstation. Glad I did that...
Near Wuppertal the train stopped with an announcement, that the mainstation of duesseldorf was blocked.The reason was unknown also how long this would last. So i got off the train with an "SHIT" followed by a "damn".Uncertain what to do, the first thing that came to my mind was to take a taxi.
I cringed bout the extra costs from Wuppertal to Duesseldorf but that was the only thing that would get me to the airport on time.
We had a bit of a traffic jam but I made it still a bit too early.
I sat down for a while until I decided to get something to eat.So I've tried to find some neat food and as i finally found something I'd like i realized I forgot my purse back at this seat.Another "Damn" as I literally ran back to that place where , of course, the security staff was about to check my bag.
Lightly embarassed, I told them that this was mine.They punished me with an angry glance but didn't to anything else otherwise.
I checked in and everything was fine until I finally reached LA where the next adventure was waiting for me....To find the Shuttle to the Sheraton Hotel. As you guys know, Andrew was in Seattle and I had to change flighting route different to what we had planned.

But I made it and finally I reached the Sheraton Hotel. His Dad paid it with his credit card and as I tried to check in and showed her my resveration she told me friendly that it's not possible to pre pay it in this way.
I didn't feel like discussing around so I just gave her Andrews number and she talked to his Dad.After this they decided to fax him a paper he had to sign and I don't know what which he had to sent back.
So I spent a little while in the Hotel Lobby when Andrew called me and told me that he was so sorry.We talked for a while and it was really sweet that he cheered me up until i finally got into my room. He talked to me the entire time so i described him the Hotel room the bathroom and how awesome the bed was großes Grinsen

It was dark already so I couldn't see much when I looked out of the window.

I had a quite interesting night and an inner fight between being tired and excited.In the morning I got up at 5 and got myself ready.Later I got the chance to take a pic.

Around 8 i drove back to the airport and caught my plane right on time. It was a little bit of a suprise that I fell asleep despite the fact that Andrew was waiting there.
After two hours I arrived in Seattle and grabbed my luggage.He was about to park his car and I grew more nervous as time passed.
Suddenly he was standing behind me and mannn he is a tall guy großes Grinsen We hugged and all was a bit shy as he kissed me on my cheek and I kissed on his until I finally kissed him on his mouth.
I took his hand and held mine with one and my bag with the other. So we went to the car and I was all excited.
He was smiling a lot and on our way i cuddled to his arm which I believe was very cute to him.At least it's what he said.He showed me a bit of the City on the way home and so we got slowly used to each other.
At home we had to take our first picture together and uploaded it on FBgroßes Grinsen

The next exciting thing was without a doubt, to meet his family.I was a bit nervous but they were actually very friendly and asked me some questions and so we talked a bit.
We had dinner together and the next day started off with the legendary Duck Ride.Which is, as I already explained a sort of sightseeing tour through Seattle which also included a small funny water trip.
The guy actually changed his hat a way too often.großes Grinsen

Afterwards on our way to the EMP ( museum, I took some pics while driving.

In that musem which is about history of music and also a bit of sience fiction, you can try a lots of instruments, musics history and also sience fiction section where you can find
some exhibits of items which were used in several Movies.
Andrew had fun with playing all the intruments.I gotta admit I was a pussy and too afraid to embarrass myself.

After this we went up highhhhhhh

A day after we got the chance to watch the Seattle Sounders lose in a soccer game.Funny was that actually every goal happend when we weren't around.
I sang along the anthem and it felt reallll gooooddd.

The day after we went to the Woodparkland Zoo my camera died again despite the fact Andrew got new batteries...The animals aren't looking too different from ours anyways so it's probably not a big loss.

Saturday was a pretty sunny day.
We met his brother and his girlfriend also some other friends as well. We went to a place called Pike Place where we ate a lots of food we better shouldn't.:d

Afterwards we headed out to the beach which I, and he knows that, love a lot.
The water was a bit cold but I enjoyed it much.He played our song on his mobile phone during sunset and we sang a long it was quite romantic and sweet.

Sunday of course we had to watch soccer..großes Grinsen

Sunday we met his brother and his girlfriend to watch a movie. Since he took the beach pictures with his mobile phone, my camera still remained dead.
His brother took a pic of Sadie (his dog) Andrew and me which I could show you guys when Andrew gets it from him.

Monday we drove with the ferry to a near island and it was just beautiful and amazing.We just sat there looked out to the water and talked a bit.We had lunch and walked through the small town.

And there was already the day I didn't want to come.Tuesday where I had to leave again.

So we didn't do anything special until he got me to the airport. He told me that he would be the next to come so it was kinda an relieve because I'm pretty tired of flying großes Grinsen

I had three different airlines which made this entire thing really difficult.
The connection flight has been too tightly schedulded so I missed my flight to Duesseldorf when I arrived in Heathrow.I had to pay a new ticket and arrived in Duesseldorf 2 hours later than planned.To top all this, my bag didn't arrive..The airline brought it to me today though so everything was fine.But really, never again with three different airlines.
After all it was an amazing trip and I alrready miss him.Hope to see him soon again.großes Grinsen


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